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Now this film is as weird as it gets. What could well have been a 20 minutes short film is stretched to 80 odd minutes and fails to create any impact whatsoever. In fact for this film one can’t even say that it must have looked good on paper as there is practically nothing that can be termed as a story. The plot line is hardly there and all that one sees is a rather annoying game of luka-chuppi between Prabhudeva and Tamannaah Bhatia which is sans any thrills, horror or tense moments whatsoever.

The core premise of Khamoshi reminds one of Ram Gopal Varma’s Kaun which again had a woman trapped in her house with an intruder threatening to take her life. Here, Tamannaah is shown to be a deaf and mute woman for added effect with Prabhudeva as a man on the run from an asylum who wants to kill her as per instructions from his dad (Vikram Bhatt, no less). Somewhere the film also reminds one of Ittefaq though that was a far superior film. Here, Khamoshi fails to have any sort of build up whatsoever and makes one lose interest before the interval point itself.

In fact you are surprised in not so pleasant way when all cards are unfolded in first 30 minutes itself with the motive established right away, hence resulting in killing of any kind of suspense whatsoever. Not that the reason makes you excited enough but then had it been revealed towards the end, there would have been some reason to stick on till the final moments. Since you know why Prabhudeva wants to kill Tamannaah so early in the proceedings, all that is left to be seen is how the execution will eventually take place.

Sadly, director Chakri Toleti fails to bring on a single tense moment in the film even as Tamannaah tries to save herself from Prabhudeva. While she tries to escape from the mansion, Prabhudeva gives away half a dozen opportunities to kill her point blank. Instead, for some weird reasons, he instead indulges in his weird luka-chuppi which ends up making this short film subject turn into a rather unnecessary feature film.

That’s how the whole film too turns out, as it is a rather unnecessary affair with no entertainment whatsoever for the audience. Skip it and you won’t miss anything at all.