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Music: Guru Randhawa, Badshah and Gurinder Seagal (SardarG)
Lyrics: Guru Randhawa, Badshah, Kunaal Verma and Sandeep Nath
Singers: Guru Randhawa, Badshah, Gurinder Seagal (SardarG), Mika Singh, Altamash Faridi, Aditi Singh Sharma, Neattle, Sunanda Sharma and Ikka
Audio On: T-Series    Number of Songs: 5

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One expects a good dose of songs in a film featuring dancers. However ‘Nawabzaade’, a film which stars a bunch of actors who started out as dancers in reality shows, is not a musical or a dance based film, so one is not sure about the way music has been incorporated in the film. But, the fact that the film has been co-produced by Remo D’Souza and features a couple of A-list stars in promotional videos, makes one hope that there would be at least a bunch of entertaining songs in store for the listener.

T-Series’ new blue-eyed boy Guru Randhawa’s hit pop number “High Rated Gabru” is included in the album. There is also a nicely shot music video that has come out recently. The track is very catchy and makes an impression instantly. Guru assumes the triple role of a composer, lyricist and a singer and gives a good account of himself in all the three departments. Those who have already heard the song a couple of times, the inclusion of it in the film’s album should give them another reason to sway to its beats. Aditi Singh Sharma sings the alternate version with a lot of spunk.

“Tere Naal Nachna” does not offer anything that is radically different from the kind of songs Badshah has created in the recent past. The song has the trappings of all the songs made in the last half a decade which has references to partying and alcohol. Though it does not break any new ground, it is fun while it lasts. Badshah pitches in with a few rap pieces but he lets Sunanda Sharma carry a large part of the song on her shoulders. Sunanda does well as a vocalist. In fact, she sounds so much like Neha Kakkar that one is compelled to check the credit details to find out whether she is indeed the voice behind the track.

Despite composer Gurinder Seagal (SardarG) trying to hammer the hook-line of “Mummy Kasam” down the listener’s head, the song fails to register any impact. Gurinder also doubles up as a singer along with Payal Dev. But, neither the vocalists nor the lyricists (Kunaal Verma, rap: Ikka) manage to salvage the song. The video of the song is quite energetic and that helps in elevating the song to a certain level but as a standalone audio track, it cuts a sorry picture for itself.

Gurinder Seagal (SardarG) tries to incorporate every element he thinks will work for “Lagi Hawa Dil Ko”, a romantic number but none of it manages to engage you. It starts off sounding like a composition put together by an amateur musician. The composer displays his perceived a notion of what ‘sufu music’ is with the line “jaaniya mere jaaniya”. The lyrics by Sandeep Nath are weak. The tone of the song changes at 1:41 minutes and Mika does infuse some energy into it but it is too late by then.

Seasoned artistes Guru Randhawa and Badshah do the weight-lifting and give the listeners some reason to cheer in an otherwise insipid soundtrack.