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Since the digital boom has taken place in the entertainment space in India, there have been so many shows that have been produced to be consumed by the audience which likes to binge-watch. A large number of these shows dealt with darker themes – a slew of gangster dramas, psychological thrillers, erotic drams/thrillers, among others, were made. There were only a handful of shows which dealt with the theme of love. ‘Broken But Beautiful’ was one such show. The show, featuring Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi in principal roles, touched upon love, loss and heartbreak. The first season ended on a nice, bitter-sweet note and now, the second season has arrived.

Veer (Vikrant Massey) lost his wife Alina (Sheetal Thakur) in an accident and he blames himself for it. Sameera (Harleen Sethi) cannot over the fact that Kartik (Jitin Gulati), a man she was deeply in love with, broke up with her and is already dating someone. Destiny makes Veer and Sameera meet and complications happen. The first season ended way the first season ended, one had an inkling that there was a second season in the store. And, in season 2, Veer and Sameera’s story finally reaches its culmination. 

In season 2, the story takes off quite smoothly from where it had ended. Quickly, we are given an idea about what Veer and Sameera are doing in their lives and whether they are as ‘broken’ as they were. While Sameera finds love in her childhood friend Ahan (Gaurav Arora), Veer feels Debbie (Anuja Joshi) is the one who can lead him towards happiness. Sometimes, two it takes two broken hearts to come together to form a heart which is full of love. Do Veer and Sameera realise this finally? Does the realisation that they complete each other finally dawn upon them?

Both the seasons of the show give one a good glimpse into the kind of complexities exist in today’s times when it comes to urban/modern relationships. You also realise that, at the end of the day, all we seek is love. Veer and Sameera are complex people. And this time, even though they claim to have moved ahead in life, they seem to be more vulnerable than ever. The kind of equation they share  with their respective partners make the narrative interesting and you keep wondering whether Veer and Sameera will finally be together or will destiny drive them apart again. There are several twists and turns in this emotional saga but most of them come across as organic. The finale episode packs a strong punch.

Director Harsh Dedhia has done a good job of putting together a largely coherent narrative. The screenplay (Reshu Nath) is good. Most of the tender moments come across on the screen very well. One does feel that this season could have been shorter by two episodes as there are a few tracks/themes which repeat themselves a couple of times. The dialogues are nice though at times, you feel English words have been forced into the dialogues just to accentuate the urban feel of the show. The lines which Shreya Ghoshal has hummed in “Yeh Kya Hua”, a song which was used in the first season, remains the soul of the show. Among the new tracks, the Amaal Mallik composed “Shaamein” leaves a solid impact. The background score by Pranaay is very good. DOP Shreya Gupta puts together some beautiful frames. The editing by Unnikrishnan P.P is crisp for most parts but as stated, certain sequences should have been trimmed/done away with.

Vikrant Massey, yet again, proves that he is one of the finest actors working in the film/digital/TV space. Veer comes as a more layered character in this season as compared to the first one and the actor does a commendable job in bringing all those layers to the fore. Harleen Sethi looks stunning and delivers a terrific performance. She displays the same level of confidence she did while portraying her complex character in the first season. Gaurav Arora, who was a part of films like ‘Raaz Reboot’ and ‘Love Games’, acts very confidently and has good screen presence too. Anuja Joshi, last seen in the digital show ‘Hello Mini’, delivers a very good performance.

The second season of ‘Broken Bu Beautiful’ turns out to be more ‘beautiful’ than its first season and the ‘broken’ pieces of Veer and Sameera’s heart finally come together to culminate this story.