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Actor Riddhi Sen is no stranger to fame and stardom. He is the son of Kaushik Sen, a renowned name in cinema and theatre circuit in West Bengal ad the grandson of actress Chitra Sen. Though he comes from a respected family of artistes from the East, he has carved a niche for himself on his own. The actor has appeared in several Hindi film and has been the recipient of National Award for his performance in Nagarkirtan.

He played a small part in Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’ and was also seen in ‘Parched’ but ‘Helicopter Eela’ will, in a way, mark his foray into mainstream Hindi cinema. The actor plays son to Kajol in a film which largely revolves around these two characters. Apart from Kajol, Riddhi also got to interact with Ajay Devgn, one of the producers of the film.

“Ajay sir was very involved with the film as a producer. I remember having several discussions with him throughout the making of the film. I recently shot an ad with him which, incidentally was shot by Pradeep (Sarkar) Da. I would love to act alongside him in a full-fledged film someday.”