Home » Spotlight » Shweta Pandit releases her new single Pyaar Hai which talks about world peace

When you see the word ‘pyaar’ in the title of a song, you presume it to be a romantic song. While Shweta Pandit’s new single ‘Pyaar Hai’ does talk about love, it does not really have a romantic connotation to it. Instead, the song talks about the love every human being must have for each other and the importance of peaceful co-existence and world peace.

Talking about the song, the young singer says, “My sister Shraddha (Pandit) had composed this song a couple of years back. We tried to reach out to some music labels to release it but for some reason, most of them are not interested in slow, melodious numbers. These days, only recreations and party numbers are in vogue. I wish music companies and streaming sites would encourage independent artists and not promote only a certain kind of songs. I really wanted people to hear this song and since record labels were not interested in it, I decided to release it on my YouTube channel. The late Ajay Jhingran had written some beautiful lyrics for this song and it is unfortunate that he is not around when we have released the track. I hope people who like listening to quality music will give it a listen and appreciate what we have done.”

The country was recently hit by a terror attack in which several brave soldiers lost their lives. There is tension in the air and one can see a lot of people crying for war on social media. The singer believes she understands the sentiments of the people but feels at the end of the day, everybody wishes for a peaceful world to live in.

“A regular human being does not wish to indulge in any kind of violence. Most of us want peace and harmony in this world. It is unfortunate that there are some who do certain things which create disturbance in the entire world. There was no agenda behind releasing the song now. I was going through the lyrics of the song ‘hum kahin bhi rahein, ek lehar mein bahein, hum nahin hain judaa, dil se dil yeh kahe, pyaar hai’ recently and realised this is a song that needs to come out. It just struck me if we have the option to love, why do we need to hate? Love is the greatest gift we have been blessed with but we are not valuing it,” she ends on a parting note.