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Most actors, who are at an early stage in their career, prefer playing roles that give them the scope to grow as actors but at the same time do not bring their weaknesses to the fore. Challenging roles or characters that need a certain maturity to play are usually reserved for the future. However, times are changing and more and more actors are taking up difficult characters at a very early stage in their career. Alia Bhatt chose a ‘Highway’ (2014) to be her second film; it was a film which tested her abilities as an actress. Interestingly, ‘Highway’ arrived at a time when she needed a film which gave her a good platform to showcase her abilities as an actress. While she did make a confident debut with ‘Student Of The Year’, it did not give her enough scope to show the world what she can really do as an actress. After ‘Highway’ released, everybody took notice of her talent and realised here is an actress they cannot afford not taking seriously. 

Tara Sutaria, who made her debut earlier this year in ‘Student Of The Year 2’, got a fairly decent role in the film but perhaps, it was, perhaps, a part not substantial enough to leave a lasting impact. However, if the promos of ‘Marjaavaan’ are any indication, she is ready to make a big splash with her performance in her second film. The film is a revenge drama with Raghu (Sidharth Malhotra) and Zoya’s (Tara) love story at the core of it and Tara’s character Zoya plays a very integral role in shaping up the narrative. What makes the character challenging, apart from the emotional depth it requires for one to delve into, is that Zoya is verbally-challenged and uses sign language to communicate her thoughts and feelings. 

The promotional material of the film has clearly indicated that it is not an easy character to play. Tara, apart from doing workshops, had extensively trained with a coach who helped her understand the nuances of sign language. While being intense and dramatic at its core, ‘Marjaavaan’ looks like a film that celebrates masala cinema in its full glory. This is a film which should get Tara both commercial success and accolades for her performance in abundance.