Home » Spotlight » With Raghu Ne Zoya Ko Kyun Maara the audience gets a cliff-hanger to hold on to before Marjaavaan releases in theatres

A cliff-hanger refers to an event in a piece of fiction whose outcome you remain uncertain about till a certain point in the narrative. To cite an example, ‘Baahubali The Beginning’ (2015), the first film in the Baahubali franchise ended with the cliff-hanger ‘Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyon maara?’ (why did Katappa kill Baahubali?). The answer was finally served to the audience in ‘Baahubali The Conclusion’ (2017).

Now, writer-director Milap Milan Zaveri has left an audience with a new question ‘Raghu Ne Zoya Ko Kyun Maara?’ (why did Raghu kill Zoya?). Towards the end of the two trailers of the film, we see Raghu (Sidharth Malhotra) firing a bullet through Zoya’s (Tara Sutaria) heart. That has confused the audience a little bit and has made them wonder why would Raghu, who is in love with Zoya, take such a step.

Now, while one would have to wait till 15th November to get the answer for this, this has generated a lot of curiosity amongst the audience and some are even discussing probable theories under the hashtag #RaghuNeZoyaKoKyunMaara. This has definitely helped the film and has also indicated that putting this shot in the trailer has worked really well. Come 15th November and we shall know Raghu ne Zoya ko kyon maara.