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Producer: Narinder Dhanoa
Director: Guddu Dhanoa
Music: Anand Raaj Anand
Lyrics: Sameer

Reviewed by: Anjali Abrol

The second movie starring Bobby Deol and Rani Mukherjee, the music director for Bichhoo decide to try his hand at an Punjabi-inspired album that is so in rage nowadays. Somehow, Jatt Deol Jr. always manages to have a few Punjabi numbers in his flicks, and the first Rani-Bobby flick, Badal, was filled with them, some good, some horrible. Bichhoo also has a good mix...a few good, a few bad...mostly decent listens...

Jeevan Mein Jaane Jaana...Once You Fall in Love, is a duet by Harry Anand and Jaspinder Narula. The voices do not blend well, as Harry Anand's more feminine voice does not do justice to Jaspinder's more heavy Punjabi one. Sonu Nigam or Udit Narayan would have suited her much more nicely. The music is nice, though the usage of English lyrics is disturbing, taking away from song. Nevertheless, the one English refrain does not take away too much, because the song turns out nicely, making a good listen that will grow on you. Nice

Ekwari Tak Le is another duet, sung by Harry Anand and Sunidhi Chauhan. For such a Punjabi-flavored song, Jaspinder Narula would have done much better in her home territory. Harry sounds almost as feminine as Sunidhi, and this does not make a pleasant listen. It sounds more on the line of a generic Punjabi song....perhpas more on the lines of Bobby's Badal album than on the more authentic Dillagi. Passable

Pyar Tu Dil Tu is a duet picked up by more conventional singers, Vinod Rathod and Alka Yagnik, and their singing is a bit more gentle on the ears. Song flashback: Shahrukh's song in Deewana. It is decent but the lyrics lack. Okay

Pyar Ho Na Jaye is sung by three male singers, Ram Shankar, Shankar Mahadevan, Raj Bhatt and chorus. The qawwali-like song is intense and has a nice variety of beats to go alongside the moving lyrics. Another song flashback that has the same intensity and effect to it: Sabri Brothers' song in Pardes. The song is nicely sung and makes a good listen. Good

Tere Hothon Ki Hansi is a slow love duet by Hariharan and Swaranlata. Frankly, I do not know why so many unconventional singers were picked up for this album, because this album really does not call for it. Realistically, does the music director honestly think that Hariharan's voice matches Bobby Deol's? And Rani, Swarnlata's? This isn't an A.R. Rahman album or a more intense movie that requires music accordingly. It is a more fun, Punjabi-inspired album, more on the lines of Bobby Deol and Rani Mukherjee, not Kamal Haasan. The singing is a bit flat and the song is pretty boring, but the song makes a once or twice listen. Passable

The album contains two instrumental versions of the songs Once You Fall in Love and Dil Tote, both of which are pleasant to listen to.

The last song is the best song of the album, the song with the most hit potential. Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya is a very Punjabi-like song, headed by the famous Punjabi singer, Hans Raj Hans, and joined by Shweta Shetty. Hans Raj Hans does a remarkable job and should have been joined by the equally up-to-par Jaspinder Narula for the complete authentic Punjabi effect. Instead, pop singer Shweta Shetty joins him to deliver a very catchy song. Personally, I do not like Shweta's very harsh, manly, I mean "husky" voice, her voice is very crass and unpleasant-sounding. Imagine the feminine Harry "sickly-sweet" Anand joining Shweta "husky" Shetty in a duet like this one... But Shweta Shetty was expected to have a song in the flick, after all, it is a Guddu Dhanoa film, and there has to be a catchy song to become the rage among the masses! Her past record witrh Dhanoa include Ore Ore of Ziddi, Dil Dhak Dhak and Pichhu Pade of Salaakhen, and Poster Lagwado of Aflatoon, all of which did well for his movies. And now Dil Tote... a very upbeat song that will quickly climb the charts.

Overall, the album is worth a buy, since there are no disaster songs on the album, rather, it is filled with decent listens to hit potentials. Try out the tape, and if you like the Punjabi-like fun upbeat songs, consider the CD. I would think that the movie will add to the album rage....though the lyrics are nothing special, the beat is good and the most of the songs are fast. I suspect the music will grow on you when the movie releases....