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Predictions for "Bodyguard"
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Eid 2009 – Wanted – Super Hit

Eid 2010 – Dabangg – Blockbuster

Eid 2011 – Bodyguard – ?

Is Salman on a ‘hat trick’ spree ?. Our in-house expert and noted astro numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of the much awaited Salman – Kareena starrer:

“The title ‘BODYGUARD’ adds up to Number 30 – this octave of Number 3 is neither fortunate nor unfortunate. It indicates strong mental faculties of a person. But that person will have the tendencies to put all materials things on one side – not because he has to, but because he wishes to do so. This number can be powerful or indifferent depending upon the will or desire of the person” explains Bhavikk.

“Isn’t that Salman for us ? Doesn’t he behave or act the same way most of the times ? Be it friends, fans or media. In that context, ‘Bodyguard’ will once again hit the bull’s eye” predicts Bhavikk.

He continues “Like I have mentioned in the past, the year 2011 which adds up to Number 4 (Rahu) have been proving lucky for most people, places and dates which add up to Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7 and this one’s releasing on 31st August 2011. The compound number arrived by adding this day is Number 7 (Ketu). So, it’s a double bonanza at the box office this week”.

“First time producer Atul Agnihotri (24th June 1970) is currently running in his 42nd year and his luck is as good as Arbaaz Khan’s when ‘Dabangg’ was released last year. What more can I say?".

“This Eid, Salman will give his fans the best ‘Eidi’ he can give in the form of ‘Bodyguard’ and we shall all rejoice in it” signs off Bhavikk on a positive note.

Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astro-numerologist.
He can be reached at:

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