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Predictions for "DABANGG 2"
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This film needs ‘no introduction’ whatsoever.

Will ‘Dabangg 2’ meet the humungous expectations and set new box office records ?

Our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi predicts the fate of the most awaited film of the year:

“The title ‘DABANGG 2’ is adding up to Number 21 – this octave of Number 3 is symbolized by the picture of ‘the universe’, also called ‘the crown of the Magi’. It is a number of advancement, honours, elevation in life and general success. It means victory, but gained only after long initiation and tests of determination. It is a fortunate number of promise, if it appears in connection with future events however one must be prepared for the long fight” explains Bhavikk.

“Going by its numerological interpretation and the meaning derived, it seems the sequel will supersede the first part by leaps and bounds to become one of the highest grossing films ever. Move over the ‘100 crore’ club. This one in all probability will touch the ‘200 crore’ mark” predicts Bhavikk on a confident note.

“The man with the midas touch Salman Khan (27th December 1965) will be entering in his 48th year soon which indicates that his graph will further move only in one direction and that’s North” he adds.

“No prizes for guessing his ‘Chulbul Pandey’ fan following will multiply manifold and audiences will be eagerly looking forward to ‘Dabangg 3’ also in the near future”.

“Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Rajjo’ act will also be once again loved by the public as she is a ‘Gemini’ (2nd June 1987 – ruler Mercury – Number 5) and the year 2012 also adds up on the same number”.

“Last but not the least, producer turned director Arbaaz Khan (4th August 1967) in his 46th year (he is a Leo ruled by Number 1 – the Sun) is going through his best phase too and his maiden venture will be ‘bang’ on”.

“With such tremendous brand value and great ‘stars’ (read good luck) attached with this project, this one will turn out to be a ‘mega blockbuster” signs off Bhavikk on a positive note.

Bhavikk Sangghvi is a renowned astro-numerologist.
He can be reached at:

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