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Ideally, one would not expect a horror-comedy to have songs but trust Dinesh Vijan, a man whose films are synonymous with quality music, to come up with a good number of songs for a film of this nature as well. Sachin-Jigar, who have collaborated with the producer-director on films like ‘Go Goa Gone’, ‘Finding Fanny’, ‘Badlapur’ and ‘Raabta’ (background score) in the past, have put together four songs for ‘Stree’. Even co-producers Raj & DK’s films (two of which have been co-produced by Vijan) have had good music. Vayu writes all except for one (‘Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe’) song.

The album opens with a cracker of a song titled “Milegi Milegi”. Looking at the video, it seems like a song that would find a place for itself in the closing credits. The bouncy track reminds one of “Pungi” (‘Agent Vinod’), a song from a film which, incidentally, was co-produced by Diesh Vijan. To be fair, it is the orchestral arrangement that compel you to compare the two songs. Sachin-Jigar’s tune, coupled with Vayu’s quirky lyrics, makes you sit up and pay attention to the song in no time.

The opening notes of “Kamariya” remind one of Sachin-Jigar’s own “Beat Pe Booty”.  But after that initial resemblance, the track ends up sounding completely different. Of course, the way Sachin Sanghvi says “Kamaaariya…Najaaariya”, you think of the song again but then, it is a different track with a rhythm and melody of its own that sounds appealing in the very first hearing itself.

After two dance based tracks, arrives “Nazar Na Lag Jaaye”, a soft romantic number sung by Ash King. This is supposed to be the first love song written by Vayu and the lyricist brings in a touch of quirkiness in this track with lines like “nazar na lag jaaye jaanu, thought yeh ghabraaye saanu”. Ash King’s velvety voice flows freely through Sachin-Jigar’s easily likeable tune and the minimal arrangements that complement the song very well.

The last song, whose video has recently been released, is called “Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe” and is a promotional number picturised on Kriti Sanon. The track has been written by Jigar Saraiya and Badshah; the latter also makes an appearance in the song as a rapper/vocalist. The song is filled with quirky lines like “ban jaaun main Anushka aur tu ban jaaye Kohli”. Honestly, I was not impressed with the song the first time I heard it but slowly, it grew on me and I ended up tapping my foot to its beats.

Sachin-Jigar are a composer duo who have been delivering quality music very consistently across various films of different genres. Dinesh Vijan, too, seems to be a man who has an ear for good music. Though most of the songs are not really related to the plot of the film, they have been created keeping the theme of the film in mind. Overall, ‘Stree’ is a very good album that is bound to get more popular with time.